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Μarousi, 29-9-17


  Financial tools and ways to support innovative entrepreneurship

Information on innovative entrepreneurship support policies was presented by the executives of the Sector for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs at a conference of the Association of Industries of Attica and Piraeus, at the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Piraeus, focused on the strategic interface between scientific research and its applications in order to develop innovative products - value added services.

The Sector for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs informed the Industrial Association members of Attica and Piraeus about all the ongoing actions which enhance the activity of entrepreneurs who invest in innovation.

In particular, Dr. G. Chourdakis, Office Director of Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation, stressed that all of these actions aim to create a new production model for the country based on the Knowledge-Driven Economy.

In his presentation, Mr. Chourdakis analyzed:

  • The actions which are in the implementation phase (of over 500 million €).
  • The Venture Fund (Equi-fund). An investment platform with a multiplier effect on the economy and society which enables finding financing holdings in company capital, amounting to 260 million € from national and European resources and the European Investment Fund (EIF).
  • The Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI), which primarily supports the scientific potential with scholarships totaling 240 million €.

Finally, the officials of the Ministry referred to the institutional and legislative measures concerning the Development Law 4399/2016 in order to support innovative business and other tax regulations, and there was a fruitful dialogue with the representatives of the companies that responded to the call, regarding the problems faced by the SMBs.

A lot of companies have expressed great interest in investing in the above actions while some innovative ideas and proposals that can lead to valuable synergies were introduced.

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